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RE: [PLUG] iptables -A INPUT -s Howard_Bloom/0 -j DROP

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> sean finney wrote:
> >you are so on top of the metaphors, man.  i certainly 
> wouldn't want to 
> >bring some weak little pea shooter to a gun fight, and i 
> wouldn't want 
> >to be stuck driving a pinto either.
> >
> I always think of the Crown Victoria.  I watched a show about 
> a cop who was badly burned because of a design flaw which 
> causes the gas tank to explode.  His car was hit from behind. 
>  He was stuck inside the burning car.  To me it sounds like 
> the Crown Victoria is a glorified Pinto.
> To solve the problem, Ford provided plastic caps to prevent 
> the metal parts from hitting together and causing a spark 
> which would ignite the fuel.  (Kind of like Service Pack 2.)
> On the first point, if you were to fight Goliath, would you 
> choose a big sword or the sling?

I would find a "pawn" to do my bidding whilst I make espressos and sip them

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