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RE: [PLUG] More critique of Linux desktop


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Subject: Re: [PLUG] More critique of Linux desktop

Howard Bloom wrote:

>It just seems to me that so many who have responded to this thread, 
>have taken the fact that Linux is not ready for mainstream use on the 
>desktop, very personally and I don't know why.
>Am I insulting you with the truth?  

I wanted to ignore this, but I am taking the bait...

Howard, I am amused by your wit almost as much as I am annoyed by your
insistence on argument for its own sake.  (I have a tendency to enjoy the
latter, too, but not on technical lists that provide me with so much help
[were it not for this list, I could not have continued as an isolated Linux
user.].  In short, you are not as dumb as you pretend to be with questions
like the above.

Having read this list for a few years, I doubt anyone gives a flying f**k
what your opinion is regarding Linux on the desktop.  Like me, they are just
taking the bait on the little insults and irrelevant, but annoying, digs you
keep throwing out.  In fact, it seems you are quite skilled at drawing out
some ire from even the most reserved on the list, and you obviously enjoy
it.  We read your posts like we gawk at an auto accident, like them or not.

My only question is, when you wear off, and people can consistently ignore
your jabs, do you back off and start participating productively, or is this
all you are?

Who are you Howard?  A decent consultant with a lot to offer?  Or a


I am a proponent of Linux and open source.  Not exactly knowing what a
ringworm is in this context I'll reserve my judgment as to whether I am a
good consultant or a ringworm.


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