Paul on 16 Sep 2004 12:32:03 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] wave files

W. Chris Shank wrote:

Our Voice Mail server emails me Voicemails as wave attachments, I can listen to them on windows but for some reason cannot play them on linux. sound works otherwise. Am I missing a library or codec?

I'm running debian testing.

It may not be the WAV format that is the problem, but the format of the WAV. For example, I used Nero to try to burn audio CD. Nero tried to do on-the-fly format conversion before burning. That process took up 99% CPU time and sometimes caused the burn to fail. Then, I tried manually converting the format before running Nero. Now Nero burns the CD without a problem. So, the format of the WAV makes a difference; maybe your player has a problem with it.
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