ChrisB. on 29 Sep 2004 21:00:03 -0000

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[PLUG] (Off topic) Executone Phone System for Sale

Hey everyone,

Thanks again for the responses about the Dell rack, we sold it quick and the
buyer was very grateful and we were glad it went to a good home. I don't
want to turn this list into an auction but we do have a phone system for
sale, so I figured I would give you guys the first crack at it. It would be
perfect for a startup or a small office. If anyone objects to me trying to
sell anything on this list, I do apologize but we would rather sell this
stuff to someone locally rather then on a site like EBay. So the specs are
as follows:

For Sale:
Executone Phone System by Isotec Communications, Inc.
System 108 Telephone system
Serial #P331188A
Included are 10 Executone model 64 phones.
Tabs reporting software
A/C line conditioner
System 228 digital voice announcer
Two (2) Valcom V-2901 Universal door answering system units.

We are asking $5,000 OBO for the entire system. We would also sell the parts
separately if we can not package it as a system. 

Thanks guys, this list really helped us out selling our Rack locally and I
hope we can sell this phone system to someone who can really use it. We used
it for years and it is rock solid!

If anyone is seriously considering this purchase, please just email me off
list for more details!

Thanks again,


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