gyoza on 4 Jan 2005 07:12:49 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] music station

Jeff Abrahamson wrote:

It looks like you're talking about this (one "n"):

Two of the three links to the case are broken, this one works:

It's $48.86 for the card, $7.17 for a 9 V DC adapter, and $10.55 for
the case, total is $66.58.

How stable is the transmit frequency? It says it's stable enough for digital receivers. Have you tried playing music through decent speakers? How does it go?

This seems like an elegant solution if it doesn't sound like bad radio
in the end.

For one thing, I bet you could run the device off of the PC's 12V line. Regulate it down to 9V is necessary, but the optional car adapter suggests to me that 12V will work. Double check before trying 12V!

Another thing, I bet you could find a transmitter schematic on the Web that would enable you to build your own device. If you like doing that kind of thing.

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