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[PLUG] CPLUG Security conference

Is there anyone on the list who is going to this conference and has
extra room in their car?  I am signed up for the conference but cannot
drive because my right ankle is broken.  I can move around fairly well
on crutches and would like to try to go to the conference.  I run my
own web and mail servers and am interested in learning about security 
Please email me off list.



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Subject: Security Conference: Final Goodies
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This email goes over some final details for the conference (which is on March
5th, that's this coming Saturday!)  Here is a summary, the full monty is at
the bottom:

 * We now have a waiting list; please let us know if you can't attend :-)

 * Be sure to check out the (updated) directions on the website

 * Get there early -- we'll provide breakfast!

 * Free Stuff -- First come, first serve (mostly)

 * If you haven't already, check out the schedule

 * BOFS and PGP Keysigning Party

 * If you bring a laptop, bring a surge strip

 * And don't forget to bring the $5 cover charge :-)

- -------

We now have a waiting list; please let us know if you can't attend :-)
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

If you're signed up, you're one of the lucky ones.  We now have a waiting
list!  I'll refrain from telling you about the kids of the people on the
waiting list ;-)  However, if you discover that you can't make it, please let
us know (by replying and saying "cancel") so that we can make seats available
to those on the list.

This will also help us order the correct amount of pizza.  Thanks!

Be sure to check out the (updated) directions on the website
- ------------------------------------------------------------

The directions have been improved within the past 2 weeks or so, be sure to
check them out!


The conference is on the Messiah College campus in Frey Hall, room 110.
The directions on the website take you to the parking lot near Frey Hall.
You'll see signs on campus directing you to the parking lot, and even more
signs showing the way to Frey Hall.

The main lot claims to be employee/permit parking only.  Not to worry!  We
have permission to park in this lot, as it is spring break.  There is no
charge for parking.

Get there early -- we'll provide breakfast!
- -------------------------------------------

The doors open at 8:30am, and the talks start at 10:00am.  We'd like to
encourage you to arrive early.  One, we don't want you to miss any of the
talks if there is a rush of people at the last minute.  Two, it will give you
a chance to hand out with some other folks who share similar interests.

We'll have a number of (free) breakfast foods there.  Enjoy!

Free Stuff -- First come, first serve (mostly)
- ----------------------------------------------

A number of generous sponsors have provided swag for us to give out.
Companies like PA.net, Apress, Guardian Digital, RedHat, and ThinkGeek have
provided t-shirts, hats, screwdrivers, and squishy balls.  Everyone will get
to choose one t-shirt or hat, and one screwdriver or squishy ball, while
supplies last.

These are all pretty cool -- and we're willing to make a deal.  If you offer
us a t-shirt or hat from your LUG, or something else of similar geeky
interest, we'll reserve a giveaway item of your choice!  This should help to
even out the fact that some people have a really long drive to get here :-)

We also have about 22 Apress, Sams, and O'Reilly books and 5 more t-shirts
to give away during drawings throughout the day.

And if you haven't already, check out the schedule
- --------------------------------------------------

There is a really exciting lineup of speakers.  If you haven't already, be
sure to check out the completed schedule:


You can see all the speaker bio's as well as the list of Lightning Talks


BOFS and PGP Keysigning Party
- -----------------------------

Over lunch, there will be time available for BOF sessions for anyone who is
interested.  That's a great time to get together with some folks and talk
about things that interest you.  Would you like to run a BOF (or even just
participate in one)?  Let us know!  Any BOF topic is welcome -- Perl, Macs,
Gadgets, or anything!

At 3:55 (5 minutes after the break begins), we will be holding a PGP
Keysigning Party.  You have to submit your PGP key ahead of time if you wish
to participate.  You can email your key to conference-pgp@cplug.net.  You can
get more info on the keysigning event at:


If you bring a laptop, bring a surge strip
- ------------------------------------------

You are welcome to bring your laptop, and there will be wireless Internet
access for your use.  If you do bring a laptop, please try to bring a surge
strip.  We only have a limited amount of power outlets.

And don't forget to bring the $5 cover charge :-)
- -------------------------------------------------

Last but not least, don't forget your five bucks :-)  For anyone wanting to
offer additional donations, there will be a box for these.  We can also give
you a receipt if you like.

We'll also have a number of conference t-shirts for sale, they'll go for
around $10.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.

We look forward to seeing you there!

 CPLUG Security Conference

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