Jason Costomiris on 8 Apr 2005 12:37:13 -0000

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[PLUG] FS: Stuff to get out of my house...

I want all of this stuff out of my house.  Any reasonable offer will
not be refused.

1. Linksys WRT54G v2 - in like-new condition.  I just loaded the
latest firmware.  You can also load any of the many customized
firmwares available like HyperWRT, Sveasoft, etc.  Retails for $69,
asking $40.

2. Hawking Technologies HSB1 - This is a wifi signal amplifier. 
Selectable between 100, 200 and 500mW settings.  Connects via SMA
connector, there's also an adapter to work with R-TNC connectors used
on the WRT54G.  Increases range up to 5x.  Retails for $99, asking

3. HP DeskJet 5550 - Works great.  I just don't have any further need
for a color printer here at home.  Anything we print goes to the laser
already.  The only time we print in color is when we make prints of
digital photos.  So, at this point, we'll either just order the (few)
prints we want online, and if we need a quick one, we'll go over to
cvs.  Includes all 3 ink cartridges (black, color, photo), as well as
unopened spares for the black & color.  Retailed for $175 (+$50 for
the spare ink) new, asking $100.

4. Cisco Catalyst 2924M.  This is a 2RU tall switch.  It has 24 10/100
ports and has 2 expansion slots that can hold several different cards,
including Gig Ethernet (uses GBICs).  It is running the latest IOS
(12.something) for that model.  It also includes the Catalyst web gui
manager, or if you're old school like me, you just manage it from the
console.  Full 802.1q VLAN tag support.  Minor cosmetic damage
(scratches, one of the doors for the expansion slots is damaged as
well. Retailed for over $500 new, asking $250.

5. Linksys 5-port Instant Gigabit Switch - It's just the standard
unmanaged Linksys switch, but 10/100/1000.  Autosenses link speed &
duplex as well as crossover parity for uplinks, etc.

6. Nokia 6800 messaging phone - It's an 850/1900 Mhz multiband GSM
phone.  It was originally locked to AT&T, but I unlocked it so it can
be used with an AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile or any other 850/1900 Mhz GSM
carrier.  Supports GPRS for high speed wireless data and infrared for
connection to a computer.  What's so cool about it?  It looks like a
standard Nokia phone, until you flip the keypad up.  When you do that,
the screen rotates 90 degrees and you've got a full QWERTY keyboard. 
Minor scratches on the screen.  I've got a charger for it too. Retails
for about $50 with a 1 year contract, or $200 with no contract, asking
$75.  Add another $10 if you want a car charger in addition to the
phone & AC charger.

All of this stuff is located in Mount Laurel.  I'm willing to ship any
of the items other than the Catalyst.  Prefer to meet in the Mount
Laurel area to swap cash for items, but if you want me to ship stuff,
PayPal will work too.

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