Colin Devine on 14 Apr 2005 14:30:30 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] slide show

Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
What do people use for slide shows, as in, looking at a bunch of
digital pictures at full screen?

I like eog as an image viewer in full screen mode, but it doesn't seem
to have an auto-advance feature.  In addition, it wants to read all
the images before it loads, so it's impractical to view, say, 200
images from a 5 Mpixel camera.

Display (from ImageMagick) is very nice, but doesn't auto-scale to fit
the screen.  In addition, the slide show, whether from the menu or
invoked on the command line with "-delay 2" for a 2 second delay, is
not reliable.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it just stops and doesn't
want to restart.

Any suggestions?

I really like GQview. It has slideshow, zoom in/out, fit to window and a bunch of other nice features.

From the Overview page:

GQview is an image viewer for Unix operating systems (developed on
Linux). It's key features include single click file viewing, external
editor support, thumbnail preview, and zoom features. Some image
management features are also included.

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