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RE: [PLUG] Open Workbench

This looks like a pretty fully featured groupware app. I think the usability
of groupware in general should be based on the size of the group. For
example I have setup open-xchange ( to use as an
all-in-one collaboration solution for small groups of people who want email,
calendar, contacts and collaborative features built into the same web-based
product. There is another all-in-one type  OSS groupware app but the name
escapes me. I have always used OX.

Workbench seems to be better suited for a larger groupware system that does
not need the all-in-one (ie webmail, calendar) aspects that the other
groupware projects rely on. 

So I guess the question is about scale. I have never used Open Workbench but
Im going to give it an install this weekend to check it out. If you are
looking for something like I described above you should check out OX!


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Anyone have any comments about Open Workbench?  "The Open Source 
alternative to Microsoft Project?
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