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RE: [PLUG] Tomcat, Cocoon update


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> Subject: [PLUG] Tomcat, Cocoon update
> Okay, added /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_02 to .bashrc with 
> PATH="/usr/java/jdk1.5.0_02"
> First things, my PATH statement was the only PATH line in .bashrc
> Logged out, logged back in, when I run java - version, 
> message that says java is an unknown command.
> Edited .bashrc, removed the previous PATH statement, and I 
> get the old 1.4 messages.
> Heh, heh..what fun!

First, the PATH you set for Java should be to the bin directory, not the
top level directory.

Second, you should use PATH="$PATH:/usr/java/etc/bin" so that you keep
any path set elsewhere.  Except in this case you want
PATH="/usr/java/etc:$PATH" so the version of java you want is first.

Third, PATH stuff is probably set in your .bash_profile, not .bashrc.
Try "grep PATH .*" or something similar.

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