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Re: [PLUG] Skype, Linksys, Comcast and DirecTV

I have had Direct TV for years. Ground mounted single LNB at the moment.
My signal level in the winter is about 96% and in the summer is drops
about 10% due to a tree in the line of sight at about 100 feet away.

I have had very minimal weather outages. Usually for a minute or two in
the summer if an extremely heavy thunderstorm front passes to the
southeast. I cannot remember a problem with snow in the winter.

Picture and sound quality are great. I currently use the Samsung 360 which
is a terrestrial, DTV, and cable NTSC/ATSC receiver all in one. Nice box.
I assume it might be Linux based as it goes through a boot process when it

I purchased a 3 LNB dish at Circuit City for $59 awhile back and as soon
as I get a good weather day I an going to install it. Then I will have
full HDTV capability with the 3 sats.

The signal level is important in digital because of margins. It you have
close to a 100% level it takes a lot to see degradation but it you start
off with 65% it does not take much to knock it out. Cable length from the
dish to the TV can be a factor also. This is the downconverted bandwidth
but is still in the 1 Ghz range. If the run is over about 75 feet with RG6
then an inline amplifier would help.

It is good to have an alternative to Comcast. I am glad to NOT have them
in my house. DSL and Direct TV work just fine for me.

Does anyone know what the outcome of the extensive Verizon 'Fibrezation'
project now going on is going to be? There are orange conduit pulls
everywhere I go in my area and they are now installing the tan equipment
cabinets on the poles.


On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Warwick Poole wrote:

> And then, part 2 of my question concerns DirecTV, which I am considering
> getting to replace Comcast cable:
> In Europe a few years back I had Satellite TV and found that in rain or
> bad weather the reception was terrible. How does DirecTV do in snow and
> rain? Any issues?
> Thanks!
> Warwick
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