Jeff Abrahamson on 9 May 2005 00:22:44 -0000

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[PLUG] jpeg maybe rotating

I recently discovered exiftran, which reads the exif tags of a jpeg
image.  Among other nice features is the -a flag which can
automatically rotate an image as indicated by the camera that took it
(for supported cameras, etc.).

The problem is that it always does its thing, just sometimes it's a
no-op.  That is, if the image doesn't need rotating, it doesn't say no
and not write anything: it just writes a new image with the same
orientation.  But the before and after images are not byte-for-byte
identical, so it's a visual no-op, not a bit no-op.

What I want is to script this so I can say

    if [ needs-rotating; ]; then
        mv file.jpg file.jpg.orig
        exiftran -a file.jpg.orig -o file.jpg

Any suggestions?


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