Chris Cera on 8 Aug 2005 04:48:51 -0000

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[PLUG] grepmail + maildir

I'm just starting to play around with maildir and was hoping to
understand how people store and search email with maildir.  

With the mbox format, I bzip2 all my mails in an archive/
directory.  When I want to search my archives I use grepm, a
script that calls mutt with grepmail's results.  Grepmail is able
to decompress the archive and return all the mail that matches
the search.  Something like: 
    $ grepm foobar archive/2005*.default.mbox

I would like to implement a similar scheme using maildir, only it
makes sense (I think) to use tar.bz2 here.  I ran a quick test
that failed:
    $ grepm cera Maildir.tar.bz2
    grepmail: "Maildir.tar.bz2" is not a mailbox, skipping
    No matches.

I could re-convert back to mbox for archives, and leave my system
as-is (hoping such a script already exists).  I'm not sure what
advantages I get by storing the archives in maildir ... since I
think most advantages seem to occur in production, not offline.

Does anyone have experience with maildir and searching stored
archives?  Any thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.

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