Jason on 10 Aug 2005 16:36:08 -0000

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[PLUG] FS: HP LaserJet 4M+ with JetDirect + 2 inkjets

3 printers - all of them work with Linux...

I've got a LaserJet 4+ with a JetDirect card for sale.  It's got the
PostScript SIMM installed, so it's effectively a 4M+.

It's got the MIO JetDirect card installed (LocalTalk, 10Base-2,
10Base-T), and works great with Windoze, OS X, Linux and *BSD with
either PCL 4 or PS.  Page count is 44630, but I used to work somewhere
that had a bunch of these printers, several over 200k pages and still
going.  The toner cartridge has less than 200 pages on it.  Print
quality is clear and great looking at 600x600.

I've also got 2 inkjets, one new, the other used.

The new one is a Dell Color Printer 720.  It's a Dell-branded printer
made by Lexmark.  Lexmark sells this printeras the z615, and the
Lexmark site has OS X and Linux drivers available for it.  It includes
a 10' USB 2.0 cable, black & color cartridges and has a 1 year
warranty from Dell.  With all that stuff, it retails for $74.

The used one is an HP Photosmart 7150.  This printer also works great
with Linux.  According to LinuxPrinting.org, with the hpijs driver,
you can not only use this printer, but also do full bleed printing.
This printer originally sold for $85.  It includes the existing ink
cartridges too.

Asking $125 for the LaserJet, $50 for the Dell Printer and $40 for the
HP.  All of these are located at my house in Mount Laurel.  Will
deliver locally, or meet up for anyone that's outside of a 10 mile or
so radius..

Any reasonable offers will be considered.
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