Andrew Libby on 11 Aug 2005 15:00:01 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] USB memory stick won't unmount

I use konqueror to access my camera media.  My experience is that
it's not enough to close the window which you were using to access the
area mounted.  My experince is that I need to close out konqueror
alltogether.  When I do that, I have much more luck.

When this happens, you can try fuser or lsof to try to determin what
are still accessing the drive.  I'm always leaving xterms, shells, or
hidden by sudo accessing the mount point. 


Greg Helledy wrote:

> Another issue which began after I upgraded to sarge is that my USB
> flash drive won't unmount.  I mount it, and have no problem reading
> from or writing to it, but when I try to unmount it, I get two
> identical lines, like:
> \mnt\usbkey:  device is busy
> The result is the same using KDE or the console.  I'm sure I've closed
> all the files residing on the drive, and have even closed the
> konqueror window showing the contents.  Even su'ing doesn't let me
> unmount it.
> Note that I don't have this problem with the CD drives, only the flash
> drive.  I am using the stock debian kernel image for 2.4.27-k7. 
> Anyone else seen this?
> Greg Helledy

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