Chad Waters on 11 Aug 2005 19:56:50 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] system instability solved (I think)

On 8/11/05, Jeff Abrahamson <> wrote:
> I've posted several requests for help in understanding some
> instability I've been seeing on my new machine.  I think it's stable
> now.  I wanted to share what happened.  In brief, while the problem
> surely started with a kernel / motherboard incompatibility, I believe
> I had a buggy library.  Upgrading that library may have fixed the
> problem.
> By way of history, I first saw some kernel messages that indicated I
> should run with nopnpbios, noapic, and acpi=no.  That helped some but
> didn't fix the problem.  Running memtest for several hours didn't

> After two weeks I began to find unlikely that apt-get update hadn't
> caused anything new to install on dist-upgrade.  My apt/sources.list
> had originally only checked rutgers and security:
>    deb testing main
>    deb-src testing main
>    deb testing/updates main

The break in updates could have been, in part, due the relocation of
the ftp master server...


Back up:

It disabled developer uploads to unstable and security, I not sure if
it did anything to testing.
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