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RE: [PLUG] Problems mounting linux samba share as read-write *from* alinux box

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   >From: "Adam Zion"<azion@cceb.med.upenn.edu>
   >Sent: 8/18/05 7:07:31 PM
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   >Subject: [PLUG] Problems mounting linux samba share as read-write *from* alinux box
   >	I have two Mandrake linux boxes, one named Calvin, and the other 
   >Hobbes. The share is defined on Calvin as the following:
   >     comment = Adam's Documents
   >     path = /home/adam/Documents
   >     browseable = yes
   >     writeable = yes
   >     read only = no
   >     valid users = adam
   >     directory mask = 0777
   >	All files set in the directory /home/adam/Documents are set at 777, 
   >owned by the user and group adam. When I mount this share from Hobbes, 
   >using the following command:
   >mount -t smbfs //calvin/Documents /mnt/calvin -o username=adam,password=*
   >	After I do this, I have read-only permission when logged onto Hobbes as 
   >adam, but write permission when I su in as root. When I check ownership 
   >of all the files and directories in this directory (while logged onto 
   >Hobbes), ls -la tells me that root owns all the files, hence my 
   >inability to write to them as adam.
   >	Any idea why mount is changing the effective permissions on this share? 
   >What concept am I missing here? User adam on Hobbes needs read-write 
   >access to this directory (the idea is that this Calvin is my NAS box). 
   >User adam exists as a samba user on Calvin, with the same password as I 
   >use for the same user on Hobbes.
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  I use the same method for my NAS box as well. You are missing uid=username in the -o portion. Using uid or gid sets the user or group for the mount when mounting via smbfs.

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