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Re: [PLUG] "geek-net" (was: FYI - FIOS/DCAnet)

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Bob Leming wrote:
> Hey,
> Could this have real applicability in the Digital Divide issue? A
> way to provide viable, affordable access within the home to a city
> block e.g.?

I'm not sure of your criteria, but I'd think it'd be something like
this incomplete list:
 - Each AP should be able to self-discover the surronding mesh (both
wireless and wired)
 - You'd need to decide on a viability threshhold i.e. with a true
mesh you lose 50% in throughput for each hop.

 - Hardware could be as low as $50-$80 per AP (for 1 household)
 - You'd have to decide on an antenna design that would work for
particular blocks(different size/shape/materials).
 - Each computer would need to be wired ($5) to the AP or have a
wireless card/dongle ($20-50).

> Is this a way that a Community Technology Center could expand its
> work to provide home access in the surrounding community? Perhaps
> only after the hours that the Center was active?

Sounds possible.

> I am on the advisory board to the Teaming 4 Technology project at
> the United Way and have a particular interest in expanding access
> (and thus opportunity).
> Just thinking out loud.

Join the club. ;)

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