Art Clemons on 29 Aug 2005 19:55:34 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] cups + ipp + pstops

> I'm trying to get windows clients to print to a computer that has cups running on it and has a printer attached through the parallel port. I was looking at the error log for cups and it says that users are accessing cups through IPP which is fine (even though I have samba installed & running). I just want the IPP to be processed by the pstops filter since I know that everything sent through it will be a postscript file. I was poking around in the mime.convs and I know that the IPP is being identified as raw and processed in that manor. Is there a way that I can identify it as postscript and have it sent to pstops instead? Any suggestions, let me know. 

You probably have a windows problem or at least a windows installation
problem.  You either have to configure your windows box to print via IPP
(something that even Win95 can be unreliably coaxed to do) or you have
to add the printer as a networked printer linked to the samba services
provided by the Linux box.  Since you want postscript, you'll have to
either load the driver that cups provides or use one that is similar to
the printer on the Linux box.  Either way, it's not all that difficult
to deal with this issue once you are sure other printers are capable of
using the printer to print with.

The following URL explains how to print with IPP on  a win2000 box, but
is applicable to winxp too.

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