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Just throwing this out there for those of you with liunx boxes
co-located or on the end of a fat Comcast pipe or Verizon FIOS...

(You are running NTP on your network already, right?)

I just got the Oct Linux Journal in the mail today and the last
article is by Adrian von Bidder who is active in a few circles. The
article is "The Universal Internet Time Source".

His last project, which he just handed over the reins, is which is a project to provide a DNS round-robin of NTP
servers to provide load balancing. It seems that the major time
servers have been taking a bit of a hit and people have been
delisting their servers from the public NTP server list. Out of the
work that Adrian has done, there are 350 servers in the global list and Debian, NetBSD, and Gentoo all have a default
NTP set up that relies on time servers.

For those that don't have access to the print edition, I thought I
could pass a web link along, but alas, it's not a public article
online, yet.

They did put up a good list of resources discussing the project

So if you are responsible for any servers that rely on NTP (or you've
forgotten to set up NTP on your network), take a moment to check out
the NTP pool. Definitely use it. If you can, add your server to the

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