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RE: [PLUG] looking for ecommerce host

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   >From: "William G. Zappasodi"<bz@CrestecDigital.com>
   >Sent: 8/31/05 2:24:34 PM
   >To: "plug@lists.phillylinux.org"<plug@lists.phillylinux.org>
   >Subject: [PLUG] looking for ecommerce host
   >    I have finished an ecommerce piece for a site and I'm in need of a new host.
   >The cart app. was done using PHP.
   >They have a Verisign account and I would like to code for the Payflow Pro API using the PHP class file.
   >I need a host that has configured their PHP install with pfpro.
   >Can't seem to find one.
   >Thanks in advance

Try dreamhost.com They may be able to help. If you signup just input 'kam' referred you.

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