Eugene Smiley on 2 Nov 2005 02:22:24 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Recovery 2.5GB of deleted files [RESOLVED]

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Christopher Shanahan wrote:

> foremost, foremost, foremost
> Don't reinvent the wheel.
> As for TCT, you'll want TSK (The Sleuthkit), together with the
> Autopsy Forensic Browser and foremost. Brian Carrier took TCT and
> continued to develop it. It is now TSK.

Well, after spending a week on this. I found I did something rather
silly. I was looking for a specific file (unrelated to the jpeg
"loss"). I was using FSView in Konqueror and I found the "deleted"
directory in another directory. I've been saved by a simple 'mv'!

There are several reasons for admiting this.

1) I thought I'd searched every directory before embarking on this
little recovery foray, but obviously my judgement was clouded and
didn't see it.
2) I wanted to report on the success or failure of the software
mentioned, but alas the solution came from a different direction.

For anyone searching the archives, I apologive, but hopefully the
solutions mentioned help you.

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