Doug Crompton on 3 Nov 2005 02:51:55 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] DSL speed

On Wed, 2 Nov 2005, Shameel Arafin wrote:

> I called them up and asked, and they said I was too far (16.5K feet)
> from the central office, and 3.0Mb requires you to be within 11K feet.
> I'm up in northeast philly.
> That's too bad... Anybody have similar issues? Any workarounds?
> S/

Well really not much you can do. They have a conservative limit to avoid
problems. You really can't blame them. The distance is in copper though.
If you are on an RT (remote terminal) it would be the distance from there.
I am actually over 4 miles from the CO but on an RT and the actual copper
length is about 1000 feet.

Unless you want to go cable the only thing to do is wait for FIOS. It is
coming. Then you will have your choice of up to 30M.


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