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[PLUG] kpilot vs. gnome-pilot

For a USB pilot sync, I have tried both gnome-pilot and kpilot.  Both
seem buggier than pilot-link (which I used with jpilot and serial
sync).  The problems I experienced with gnome-pilot were a deal breaker
-- data corruption.

Kpilot seems safer in that regard, and I need it because I use
kde-pim/kontact.  One thing gnome-pilot seems to do better, though, is
device configuration.  On my system, my device seems to pick different
USB ports randomly, so it gets annoying when I have to run 'dmsg | grep
USB' and 'ls /dev/ttyUSB*' most of the times I want to do a sync and
reconfigure kpilot to listen to the right port.  On gnome-pilot, you can
configure multiple ports.  That way, if the pilot (kernel?) picks a
different port, the sync completes without a reconfigure.

Is anyone else having these problems?  How do you deal with them?


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