Frank Grime on 15 Nov 2005 22:21:35 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] inexpensive wireless bridge (without using a PC)

I have this exact setup, using a WAP54G and a hub to connect a small network to another small network connected to a WRT54G.

I have the WAP54G set up in wireless bridge mode, and put in the mac address of the router.  I believe that all you really need is a wireless bridge (WET54G).

On 11/15/05, George Gallen <> wrote:
ok. I have one wireless network in one part of the house,
and a small wired network in another part.

Aside from running a cable from the wired network to the
wireless router (which is not a realistic option).

How can I inexpensively ($80.00 or less), bridge these
  two networks?

I do NOT want to setup a linux box with a WAP and NIC and
  bridge them (yes, it probably the easiest, cheapest way,
  but it adds one more computer (and fan) to the mix).

Will the Linksys WAP54G do this?
It says it will connect wireless devices to your network, but does
that mean it will connect a wired switch to a wireless router?

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