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Re: [PLUG] [OT] Career opportunities

I agree that it would take a few years to complete nursing school.  Last
I heard there is a waiting list to get into a program and that
out-of-county people are actually being rejected in favor of locals. 
Anyway, it could take a while just to fulfill the general education
requirements before even starting the nursing-specific classes.

But, definitely, nursing or teaching seems more significant and
fulfilling than working on stuff that becomes obsolete the next day. 
(Including the people doing the work!)

George Gallen wrote:

>time seems to be the factor here. and 30k is a workable bottom line
>for school placement. Whether the schools are worth it or not, if it
>can get you in the door quicker, that may be the best option. 
>BUT...if you can hold out time-wise for awhile, you could look into
>nursing school, might take a couple years to complete at night, but
>you will rarely be without a job for the rest of your life.
>As an RN, I work part time to supplement my income. It really isn't
>that hard to learn, if you have kids, a lot of it is common sense that
>you already learned, and since you program already, the "thought pattern"
>of nursing is very similar to the programming process.
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