Doug Crompton on 9 Jan 2006 07:28:25 -0000

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[PLUG] File Conversion

Does anyone have either of these utils? Dp they work?

You use both Linux and Windows operating systems on one computer? Then you
surely have one little, but rather annoying problem . the problem of
sharing of files and documents between these operating systems. Linux
.native. file systems . Ext2FS and Ext3FS . are not recognized by any
version of Windows.

Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere 3.0 solves this problem. Install this utility and
your Ext2FS and Ext3FS volumes will become usual drives, like C: or D:
drives. All data on these Linux partitions will become accessible for you,
for operating system and for any application under Windows.

You can read or change any file, or even create new files and folders, on
Ext2FS or Ext3FS volumes, like on usual FAT or NTFS volumes.

Do you need also to access NTFS volumes under Linux? Then do not miss
another product. Paragon Mount Everything.

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