chris on 13 Jan 2006 04:32:51 -0000

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[PLUG] Fedora Core/SELinux default port blocking?

Hey everyone,

I have a fresh install of Fedora Core 4. I installed ruby on rails and
everything works fine from the console but when I try to view the site
(standard port 80) from another networked computer I am getting blocked. I
thought perhaps that it was SELinux getting in the way so I dissabled that
but I still can not get through. I have apache and lighttpd running on
different ports but I can not connect to either. I can connect via SSH
though so I am not too sure what is blocking the web servers.

So basically I can connect to the web services from the console but not
from any other computer. The box has internet access and I have SHH access
as well. Does anyone know of any Fedora Core default settings that I
completely missed that would block ports?

As an aside to this, I think this issue I am having is the perfect
argument for and against automagic install programs like apt and yum
combined with quick and easy GUI linux installs. Installing Fedora, ruby,
lighttpd and fast-cgi was so easy. But since it was all done automagically
I really dont know my own system all that well.So when something weird
happens I am a bit in the dark. I am tempted to break out my Slackware 10
CDs :)

God bless progress!


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