Kyle R. Burton on 18 Jan 2006 16:48:37 -0000

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[PLUG] KDE Question

Quick KDE question.

In win* I can, at a console, type 'start foo.txt' and it performs a ShellExec, which looks for an associated application to handle the file.

In osx I can use 'open foo.txt' to launch the default editor registered for that particular file type.

This hooks into the same handler that is invoked when you click (or double click) on a file in the file system explorer (windows explorer, or the mac finder, or Konqueror).

Is there some way to reach the same part of the KDE system, but from a terminal?  Just running 'konqueror foo.txt &' does bring up a viewer application, but it does not simulate a click on the file name (which brings up a text editor for example).


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