Walt Frampus on 29 Jan 2006 17:32:31 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Discusion on Linux4Austin Project

On Sun, 2006-01-29 at 12:13 -0500, W. Chris Shank wrote:
> The Linux4Austin project is a marketing effort for desktop Linux. 
> Apparently they are going to buy about a month of drive time radio on an 
> AM station and run a series of adverts for a Desktop Linux that people 
> can download (or maybe get a free CD?). PCLinuxOS seems to be the one 
> they are promoting for whatever reason. Helios of Lobby4Linux is behind 
> it.

I had read Helios' original hype for an upcoming announcement and when
he made it, read all the comments to his blog both Negative and
positive. I was wondering why he picked PCLinuxOS to push. I had used it
when Texstar first came out with it. I was using mandrake at the time. I
had since moved on from it and use Suse as my main distro. I downloaded
the latest PcLinuxos to see how it has come along and tried it on my
Averatec 5400 laptop. Averatec is one of the worst for trying linux on.
It has a vid card (S3 unichrome) that linux never works properly with.
The linux driver for it has to be compiled and then most likely it still
will not work. I normally just used the vesa driver and forgot about 3D.
I booted the PCLinuxos live CD and EVERYTHING was found on this laptop.
It even set the vid card! I installed it to the hard drive to see if it
was a fluke and am still using it. It isn't a bad distro. They don't
worry about propriety software tho so you can watch a DVD without having
to download libdvdcss. I have emailed back and forth with Helios and he
is using some of what we talked about in his promotions.

>  I'm pretty sceptical of the idea for several reasons. I have an idea 
> of how to take this idea a little farther and possibly make it 
> successful. My measure of success isn't just getting people to try (and 
> abandon) desktop Linux, but also to facilitate a market around it. In my 
> opinion, desktop Linux has to have a capitalistic element before it will 
> be a success. I don't think selling what can be had for free is the 
> answer either.

One thing we need to do is get away from the "why pay if I can get it
for free attitude."  I have paid for Suse since 8.2 and feel it is
important to do so just to support GNU/Linux in general.

> Anyway, I was just wonding if anyone here had any thoughts on this media 
> marketing idea, positive or negative. If there is interest in exploring 
> my idea on the subject, I'll share it here as well.
Would love to hear your project idea!


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