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Re: [PLUG] Computer / Industrial / Military Surplus Stores InPhiladelphia?

On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 04:31:42PM -0400, Paul L. Snyder wrote:
> (To keep this on topic, I'll mention the "local resources" list on the
> Make:Philly website, http://makephilly.com/Make.aspx?page=5 - several
> surplus stores of various varieties are mentioned, some of which sound
> very cool indeed.)

I think hobby store in Bryn Mawr has been closed for a while now.
There used to be an army-navy store in Paoli, but I don't remember
seeing it for a while so maybe it's closed, too.

I should also point out that the Trenton Computer Festival
(www.tcf-nj.org) is coming up next weekend, and that's a great place
to pick up all sorts of old computer and electronics equipment.


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