Eric Hidle on 16 Apr 2006 21:47:13 -0000

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[PLUG] [OT] FS: Misc stuff - Major Spring Cleaning

I've got way too much stuff laying around, and I need to get rid of it. First come, first served.

Tyan TigerMP with two 1.4GHz Athlon XPs and 1GB of PC2100 ECC

VIA Epia CL10000 Mini ITX Mainboard
2 10/100 Ethernet ports, 1 DDR Slot, 1 PCI Slot

AMD K6/2 (500) Motherboard/CPU
2PCI and 2ISA Slots

Black Case w/ P/S - $20
mATX black case (stylish) w/ front USB/Audio $30
Black 16X DVD ROM - $20
PCI 8ch Sound Card - $10

Promise SX-4000 Hardware Raid5 card w/ 128 (or maybe 256MB) cache
Drivers for FC5

Two 120 GB PATA Hard Disks $40 ea
Two 160 GB PATA Hard Disks $50 ea
all disks are 7200rpm 8mb

Complete PC $75
K6/2 450MHz
64MB Ram
6.4GB Bigfoot
Black CD/RW 52x32x52
Black Case

eVGA GeForce 5950XT AGP Video Card w/ 128MB

Westell DSL Modem

D-Link 5 port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

SuperPass Large panel antennas for WiFi
18dBi w/ N connector (2 avail) $50 each
15dBi w/ N connector (2 avail) $40 each
120 degree sector antennae w/ N connector (2 avail) $70 each

I also have piles and piles of 10/100 cards that I'll let go for $2 each (about 10 or so - most still in orig. packaging)

If any cyclists are on this group, I am paring down to two bikes.. I'm getting rid of my 2003 fuji professional full dura-ace bike. $650. 56cm, 172.5mm cranks, 12-23 dura-ace cassette, extra 12-23 ultegra cassette, extra 12-21 ultegra cassette, extra chain (I think I have one). Ritchey Pro wheels w/ new tires. Great shape, ask for pics.

Also, a pair of 9sp dura-ace shifters $100

Items available for pickup in or near Lansdale. Prices are absolutely negotiable (yes, I will deal).
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