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[PLUG] Antiques: free to a good home

This is old stuff that works fine.  Have to get rid of them.  Anyone collect 

1. Toshiba T5100 portable.  It would be wrong to call this 17 lb. behemoth a 
"laptop".  It doesn't use batteries and the transformer is built in so it's 
an ordinary plug.  Missing link between the Compaq suitcases and true 
laptops.  Monochrome (orange) gas plasma display with EGA color card.  Truly 
great keyboard.  This was the "pimped out" version -- 4 MB ram instead of 
standard 1 MB, extra serial port with built in 9600 modem, optional 100 MB HD 
instead of standard 40 MB.  Win 3.1/DR-DOS 7 installed.  Winsock.dll for 
internet access.  Free.  The huge leather case alone is worth the price. 
(needs new CMOS battery)

2. Gateway 486 laptop with 24 MB ram, and 2 extra removable HDs.  The charger 
works, but needs some TLC.  Leather case.

3.  External CD-ROM with parallel to scsi cable.

This stuff has survived being "old" and may now have some collector value.  
Write me off list if interested.


Art Alexion
Arthur S. Alexion LLC

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