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Re: [PLUG] Perl question

> from my Camel book....
> -M Age of file (at startup) in days since modification
> -A Age of file (at startup) in days since last access
> -C Age of file (at startup) in days since inode change
> ?!! in days?   That's probably no help.

"In days" is exactly the same as "in seconds", except that the numbers
are all divided by 86,400.

> To get seconds,

There's nothing magical about seconds.  To compare the dates of two
files, you don't need seconds.  You just need to compare them:

        if (-M '.y2log' < -M '.y2log-1') {
          print ".y2log is newer than .ylog-1\n"; 
        } else {
          print ".y2log is olfer than .ylog-1\n"; 

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