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Re: [PLUG] firewire errors (non-fatal)

On Sun, Apr 23, 2006 at 09:22:04AM -0400, Jeff Abrahamson said:
> Some people have reported solving these firewire errors by serializing
> the bus.  The technique is to supply an option to the sbp2 module,
> either "serialize_io=1" or "sbp_serialize_io=1" depending on how ones
> kernel was built.  Some have also reported success by setting
> sbp_max_speed=1 (200mbps).
> What's not clear is how to set either of these options in debian.
> Does anyone know.  It appears to have to do with /etc/modules.d/ etc.,
> but those are different in the debian world, and most of the file I
> find tell me they are automatically generated.  Anyone know how to do
> this?

Make a new file:
options $module_name $variable=$value

so in your case something like:
options sb2 serialize_io=1

Then run update-modules.  rmmod the module, and reload, and it should be
loaded with the new options.  /sbin/modinfo $module gives the full list
of options a module supports (hopefully).

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