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 Like you I have DCAnet static IP - 6 addresses if you want them. I use
2. 768/3M. It is about 144 a quarter with taxes I believe.

Did you know that simply by calling DCAnet you can double you rate for the
same price! That is little known and is actually a Verizon thing. Verizon
doubled their data rates awhile back BUT only if you were smart enought to
call and request it! I did and it does double. all you have to do is
reboot your modem once they email you back in a day or so.

Anyhow... also like you I have FIOS waiting at the door but I probably
will not bite. I want static IP and just a pipe. I do everything myself
here - named, sendmail, apache, etc.  Have been for years and I like being
independent. I did call DCAnet about FIOS and as was pointed out Verizon
is not offerring it to resellers and it is my guess they never will.

I do worry about the eventuality of copper going away but I think that is
a few years off. The power outage is another issue. FIOS claims a 6-8 hour
backup but who maintians the batteries? I can see that as an issue. With
all of the advantages of Fiber we still have to use polluting batteries in
everyones home.

Verizon will really become an internet monopoly though in many areas. What
other choice would you have? Cable, which really will be the same thing
once they are all fiber, Expensive satelite or a possible competing


On Thu, 27 Apr 2006, Paul L. Snyder wrote:

> So, the FIOS guy came a-knockin' today, said I could get 15Mbps
> downstream for $40/mo, free setup, and one month free. I'm pretty happy
> with my DCANet DSL, but I'm paying roughly the same amount for 1.5 Mbps.
> Anybody have FIOS and an opinion about it? If I convert, the house will
> be switched over to fiber; it's a one-way street, with no going back to
> DSL.
> Plus, I hate dealing with Verizon.
> pls
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