Nathan Schlehlein on 15 Jun 2006 20:30:41 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Call for speakers: PLUG West July Lightning Talks

Hey everyone!

Would anyone be interested in a short PLUG West "lightning" talk on a
real life application for Real-Time Linux in the field of neuroimaging
and neuropsychology experimentation?

If so, I hereby humbly offer the use of my dulcet voice for no more than
ten minutes to wax loquacious on this very subject.  :-)


Nathan Schlehlein

Paul L. Snyder wrote:
> We've been planning to run the July PLUG West meeting as lightning talks.
> We had one volunteer at the previous meeting, but we need more!
> The rules are simple: get up and talk about something Linux-y or FOSS-y for
> ten minutes or less (we're going for ten minutes instead of five).  It's a
> mini-presentation where the rest of the rules and the topic are up to you.
> It doesn't have to be deep (you only have ten minutes, after all), you
> don't have to be an expert, and if you're  nervous, don't worry: it'll be
> over quickly!  Hit ten minutes, and you'll be gonged out to make way for 
> the next speaker.
> Have you installed a new software package recently?  Had to figure out
> something tricky for your Linux system?  Tell us about it.
> To start things rolling, I'll volunteer to talk about Xgl, the hyper-spiffy
> accelerated X Server.  I finally managed to get it working over the weekend,
> and wobbly windows make good demo fodder.
> Who else wants to volunteer?  It's fun, and can be a great way to inspire
> yourself to learn something new!
> Paul
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