Joseph B. Welsh on 27 Jul 2006 20:09:22 -0000

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[PLUG] Disaster Recovery and user accounts


I have a Red Hat Enterprise 3 Server that host my company Oracle DB and
we have started practicing our Disaster Recovery Procedures.  We do a
complete tape backup with the Oracle Db shutdown (cold backup) 

When I restore our backup to our test machine which is identical to the
production machine I do all the mount points and directories with the
exception of /dev and /proc. 

After the restore and reboot, I go to the console and try to logon as
root and I get the following message:

FAILED LOGIN 1 FROM (null) FOR root, Authentication service cannot
retrieve authentication

I made sure  that /etc/users /etc/groups /etc/passwd were all copied
from the tape.

Anybody know what to make of this error?  Should I not exclude those

I tried a single user boot for the server and changed the root password
but as soon as I log out and try to get back in I get the same errors.

Thanks in advance


Joe Welsh

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