George Langford on 4 Sep 2006 12:33:32 -0000

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[PLUG] What's going on with OpenOffice ?

Right when I thought that OpenOffice had reached a level on a par
with MSWord, they took a couple steps backward ... anyone have a clue ?

A few days ago, I discovered that I could insert a field, "page numbers,"
in my footers in OpenOffice Writer.  I had previously lamented that when
I tried something like that with headers, I got the words, "page numbers,"
instead of the actual numerals.  Then, after running sudo apt-get update
and sudo apt-get upgrade, I find out today:

1. The footer entry for page numbers has gone back to the words.
2. I can no longer choose whether I'll have a different first-page header
   and different odd and even page headers.

It looks as though apt-get has given me an earlier version of OpenOffice.
When I was watching apt-get go through its paces, there was no mention
of any activity with OpenOffice.

Any way I can get this thing to work right again ?

For the time being, my current report looks rather amateurish, and I'll
be having to type in the header field on every page ... and then move
'em all around after just about every editorial change.

George Langford
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