George Langford on 5 Sep 2006 13:17:32 -0000

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[PLUG] Re: What's going on with OpenOffice ?

Yesterday I blamed debian for screwing up OpenOffice with the

> 1. The footer entry for page numbers has gone back to the words.
> 2. I can no longer choose whether I'll have a different first-page
>    header and different odd and even page headers.

I've since discovered that I can toggle between "view fields" and
something more normal. "Contr +F9" will do the same thing. When I
do this in MSWord97, I think that I get to see the fields _and_
the data, which is less confusing.  An alternative would be to
color the field names differently from the text.

My second problem remains unsolved. "Default" headers & footers
just don't fit the bill.  Are the former choices, "default, different
first page, even & odd," hiding somewhere, too ?

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