Jeff Abrahamson on 3 Oct 2006 00:26:50 -0000

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[PLUG] scanning photos: anyone feeling underemployed?

I want a rather large box of photos scanned.  I don't want to do it
myself.  I'm aware, however, that this list is sometimes frequented by
the temporarily underemployed or by people with kids who might want to
make some money on the side.

I'd be willing to pay someone (with his own equipment and technical
expertise) enough to make it worthwhile as a side thing (drop some
photos in the feeder, come back later), but not so much that it would
be worthwhile to sit and watch them scan.  The person should be
content-neutral (i.e., discreet and not likely to be offended by the
sort of horseplay that occasionally crops up in family photos).

Drop me a note off-list if interested.


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