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Re: [PLUG] laptop bag

 The Vypers are nothing to write home about.  I bought one and I can
easily say that I was unimpressed and won't buy one again.  I haven't
had the need to buy anything from booq after I bought a backpack from
Incase (still waiting for the need to buy one of those nice bags).  If
you don't have an iPod, skip the system and just buy the Folee XL.

 Congrats on the purchase.  When you get a chance, can you give your
2 cents on the battery life of that machine.


On 10/30/06, Flint Heart <N-Tropy@n-tropy.com> wrote:
My mbp just shipped so now I need to get a laptop bag pretty soon...
Does anyone have any experience with the booq bags Folee XL[system] with
Vyper M2 or waterfield VertiGo Mambo Combo ?

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