Andrew M. Lauppe on 19 Dec 2006 15:21:21 -0000

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[PLUG] Samba Printing to an HP Deskjet

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Hey everyone..

So, I have a CentOS 4.4 machine running as a samba server. All users
have appropriate usernames and passwords in the appropriate groups (I
know this because they all have working connections to the file share on
the same machine with appropriate permissions on the folders, etc.)

The printer works. You send a job to it, it prints the job; that's not
the problem. The problem is two-fold;
	1. Everything takes longer than it should, even printing. You
hit properties in windows and querying the printer settings takes 2
minutes. Meanwhile the end-user's computer looks like its locked up.
After a couple minutes, the properties screen comes up, so you hit
'printing preferences' and it takes another 2 minutes to come up. You
make your setting changes, and then hit apply - you guessed it, two
minutes to apply.
	2. In Details view of the printers and faxes window in windows,
regardless what username you've entered, it says something like 'unable
to connect, authorization failed.' Or 'access denied' or something,
though if you print to it, it spits out your job just fine.

Any suggestions?
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