Chad Waters on 2 Feb 2007 19:17:53 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Daylight Savings Time

On 2/2/07, Doug Crompton wrote:

But, as in the case of appliances, where is the determination made?

I purchase an RCA LCD TV for my mom and it, like most new TV's, has the
ability to set the clock via a local channel. In Philly WHYY (PBS)
transmits timecode. It worked fine BUT it set the clock 1 hour ahead of
current local EST. A call to RCA was fruitless... nothing else to set, no
DST flag... after a call to the engineering dept. of WHYY I was told they
transmit the current local time. In otherwords it follows
standard/daylight time. So the local devices does not have to do anything
but get the time. The adjustments are made at the source. This TV was
assuming the source stayed the same all year long and is setting the clock
an hour ahead for EST. I presume WHYY follows some industry standard on

I have a VCR that works fine setting from WHYY all year long.

So do we set based on source or send out a world standard time (GMT) and
let the destination device resolve it? It seems there is no hard rule on

I'm confused. Will my VCR be blinking 11:00 or 1:00?

Seriously though, may be running stories about this in
the next few weeks :

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