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Re: [PLUG] Keysigning at the April meeting next week

On Tuesday 27 March 2007 01:52, Michael C. Toren wrote:
> Unfortunately, the keysigning information on the PLUG website is still out
> of date for the most part.  For more current information, please see my
> post from last month:

I've been working on new material to hopefully replace the current page.  
Step-by-step howtos for using gpg on the console and automatic keysigning 
using caff are finished and worth taking a look at.  I would really 
appreciate if anyone could help me out, since I still need:

	A nice front page, covering the basics of keysigning and linking to the 
various howtos

	Howtos for other platforms & programs
		-GNOME (seahorse?)
		-Windows with WinPT
		-Mac OS with ...?
		-Just about anything else

	Proofreading, ideas, comments, cash...

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