jeff on 3 Apr 2007 00:10:56 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] printer problems wrote:
Recently, I've had to put a Panasonic KX-P1092 back on line because
of the failure of more modern equipment.

is this a dot matrix?
I'm trying to think back [cue wayback music] to my dmp days... I remember that a whole bunch of them got by on emulation. If you had a laser, you might have needed to set the app to LJiii. I'm really searching for what the dmp equivalent was (if that's even your question).

 I need to know what
protocols will make the damned thing work as I have had a bit
 of difficulty talking to Panasonic.  Their web site has screwed
up my browsers and their telephone service stinks.

$*(#&@#@ing flash. Pplot -- Pre-process or translate PEPL plot files.
This document contains information on ASCII printers from Panasonic, and provides information about the printer data streams supported by each printer

Hopefully you can get enough info to do something meaningful.

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