Fred Stluka on 3 Apr 2007 13:51:38 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Code snippet site launch

If you are using Firefox or Netscape (or Thunderbird for the RSS feed),
the small font can be easily remedied with a few keystrokes (Ctrl-Plus). Pump it up as large as you want. If you are using Internet Explorer,
you have bigger problems and may be beyond help.

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Jonathan Bringhurst wrote:

Hrm, right now I want to keep the site fairly small so I won't be
accepting external submissions for at least a few months (basically
during the semester).

As far as the font size goes, I'll look into it. Currently I'm working
on it in Firefox under Kubuntu and Windows and the font is tiny on
those platforms. I'll probably make it a bit bigger as time goes on
since that seems to be the biggest complaint.

Anyway, enjoy. After I finish up the ls program article, I'm going to
do a thing on return to libc "smashing the heap for fun and profit"
kinda thing. After that, I have no idea. Maybe some multiple precision
fun. :)


On 4/1/07, Douglas Muth <> wrote:

On 4/1/07, Jonathan Bringhurst <> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I just started a site for posting (interesting more than useful) code
> snippets. You can view it at I'm trying to
> keep a concentration on operating system concepts for the moment.
> Right now there's a shell and ipc (message queue) example on there.
> I'll be posting more as the semester goes on. For example I should
> have a simple ls program on there by the end of today. Enjoy.

I like the concept, so I subscribed to your RSS feed.

One thing I wanted to mention is that the font size is very small and
a bit difficult to read, at least under OS/X.

Also, good call in using Drupal. :-)  If you ever run into any issues
with Drupal, feel free ping me about it.  I've done quite a bit of
hacking on Drupal in my time.

-- Doug

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