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[PLUG] quick and easy distro for virtual machine

Hello the list,

Long time lurker, occasional poster here, but I have a question I think
you all might be able to help with.

In a past life I was a linux sysadmin, but that was some time ago and at
the minute I'm Windows-only. I'm starting a personal project, though,
that requires a unix-ish environment; specifically, playing with Swarm
( I'm specifically interested in the software, though,
and I only need the environment to run the software. My current life
configuration doesn't allow that much time to mess around with the OS.
So I'm considering setting up Parallels ( on my
Windows box, which has a dual-core Intel CPU and 2GB of RAM, so
shouldn't really be resource-constrained.

Now for my question: I'm looking for a distro that will be relatively
painless to set up on this VM. Distro technology has moved on a lot
since I was a sysadmin and I don't know anymore how the various distros
compare as far as ease of configuration is concerned. So I solicit the
list for recommendations or advice.

Thanks very much.

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