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[PLUG] Software Freedom Day @ PACS

PLUG Montco has been invited to take part in the Software Freedom
Day[0] celebration happening Saturday September 15th at the
Philadelphia Area Computer Society (PACS[1]) at the Upper Moreland
Middle School in Hatboro.

For those of you not familiar with PACS, they are a computer society
that's been working in the area for over 30 years. These days much of
the focus is directed to Windows and Mac, but a Linux SIG now exists
and there was much excitement society-wide over a recent Ubuntu
presentation and demo.

The role PLUG would be playing is bringing out our own computers and
showing demonstrations of free software in the cafeteria where they
centrally gather. We'd set up our computers with whatever software
we'd like to show off, and then folks from PACS can explore each table
we're at and ask us questions about the software and see the demos. It
would be pretty informal and I expect mostly one-on-one.

So far through discussions on IRC and Ubuntu Pennsylvania we have
people offering to do demos of the following:

Debian Kiosk

So if you've been working on something lately that's good to "show
off" in this format and are available for that Saturday I encourage
you to let me know and come out to join us.

PACS starts around 8AM and goes to 3PM, but we're probably looking at
a 10 or 11AM set-up time so we can be around for the peak meeting
time, and for the rush after the main presentation of the day (which
ends around 1PM).

This event is open to the public (not just paying PACS members).

[0] http://softwarefreedomday.org/
[1] http://www.pacsnet.org/

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