jeff on 30 Sep 2007 01:15:48 -0000

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Read a review of this today and thought I'd take a look.  The name
should indicate the idea behind it.  It's based upon PCLinuxOS.  The ISO
is about 200M.

I set it up as a VM on my Xubuntu 7.10 laptop with 256m RAM and had it
boot from the ISO (it's a live cd).

Damn impressive overall.  There's an option to install to a disk (I did)
or a USB drive (I might).

The included monitor shows it never hits full use of processor, RAM, or
drive space (I used a 2G virtual drive).  I opened up a bunch of
programs and it was smooth as silk.  Since the review mentioned a flash
drive, I'm going to give that a shot.  They recommended 2G minimum.

I liked PCLinuxOS when I tried it out a little while back.  I think it
was the package mgr that turned me off, but this came with Synaptic
(apt), which I prefer.

I had no idea that OSes could run this well with small space and
resources.  It would be a great OS for older hardware as well as current
(why I use xfce instead of KDE).

In this short period, I can say I like it and if you're looking for a
lightweight distro, you should try it.

I'm not an eye-candy person, but it's pretty attractive out of the box.

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